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    Polaris virage i turning over hard

    My 2002 virage was run aground last summer. Ever since then, it has been turning over really hard when starting it. It gives it enough to start it, but it doesn't sound very good. It run fine once it is started though. I don't know if it has anything to do with it being run aground or not. If you have any suggestions as to why it does this or how I can fix it please reply. Thanks

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    Remove the jet pump and drive shaft. See if it starts better without the pump connected.

    If yes, inspect the jet pump for binding. The impeller may be damaged or the jet pump bearings may be seizing.

    See my signature links for more details on removing and inspecting the jet pump.

    If engine still cranks slowly without jet pump, then inspect the start solenoid. If it is the original style then replace it. Original solenoids are known to corrode internally.

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