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    Cover keeps coming off....

    Just got a 01 Polaris Virage...everytime I take it out, the nut caps holding the intake filter cover on apparently vibrate and come there supposed to be a lock nut of some sort on there or a washer or lock washer on there? I assume it's supposed to be tight and not rattle around when the screws are on it? I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions....this is just the beginning...thanks in advance for the help!

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    Put a little blue loc-tite on the bolt next time.

    I've had several do that.

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    Perfect...I wondered if that would work...thanks!

    Cover was totally off last I need to worry about anything being wrong with it now? I have little experience with Polaris skis....converted from Seadoo....

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    If its a bolt put a lockwasher under it, if its a nut use a locknut, you don't want one of those getting sucked into the intake.

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