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    How to - 95 Kawasaki 750 STS project fuel and cooling line locations etc.

    I purchased a hull and motor project dirt cheap. It was already disassembled by the previous owner so I don't know where all the lines go etc. I have a manual and can get a basic idea from the illustrations within but the actual connections are impossible to decipher. So I need some advice from the 750 experts. I have attached a few photos for clarity.

    There is a large connection for a line which is located behind the right side of the intake manifold (on the engine behind the manifold). I believe that this will connect to the carb but not sure where exactly. Am I on track? See first photo.

    There are two gold-colored connectors which extend from the intake manifold below where the carbs mount. I thought that these might go to the oil injection but then noticed that there are two connectors on the carbs themselves which makes more sense for an oil injection location. See second photo.

    There is a tube which extends from below the exhaust manifold. I know this probably connects to the cooling system but don't know where exactly. See third photo.

    I suspect that the last one will be more clear once I get the engine in the hull but the other two are big question marks for me. Any help or advice or illustrations you can provide will be greatly appreciated. - Richard
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    First picture is for the pulse line that operates the fuel pump on the rear of the carburetor rack.

    Second picture are ports for primers for starting. There should be a plunger somewhere (owner installed, so it could be anywhere) that squirts fuel into the manifold for instant starting.

    Third is cooling water, there will be an aluminum tube coming out of the bulkhead under the exhaust system for this.

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    Perfect, thanks so much Steve45. I'll either have to get a primer kit or simply cap them off. I heard that they help make starting easier so I will probably buy the kit. Thanks again.

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    The primer makes a world of difference! Ebay seller epcot21 has them. Contact him for only the parts you need, he'll probably package them up for you. Check your fuel line to see if there is an existing T fitting (1/4" x 1/8" x 1/4"), should be in the Reserve hose. You'll also need a T fitting (1/8" x 1/8" x 1/8") between the two fittings on the intake manifold. Only use BRASS fittings, the plastic ones will break. You'll need some 1/8" tubing, too.

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