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    More cavitation than stock?

    I recently put on a R/D intake grate and PPK on a FZS, and there is now more cavitation that stock. The grate was tightened to spec and pushed as far back as it would go. PPK was heavily trimmed because the pieces needed a lot of force to keep flush, and I didn't have the leverage under the trailer to force it back and get the bolt holes to line up. The ski was also unhooked more easily over slight chop...

    I also installed a FF at the same time. I didn't figure that it would burn up the prop with just that, but could it be just prop spin and not cavitation?


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    I just installed the 2 same parts,i didnt trim the the ppk managed to pull the grate back and get the bolts in.My ski hits the limiter 2 times from idleing to WOT take off.I felt it was better in the chop.I dont think i gained to much on the take off over the stock grate.Cant help more than that im new to waverunners.

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    needs to be sealed, i had the same problem when i put my new grate on, had to pull it and reseal it alot better,

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    I sealed the hell outta my grate and she rides like a caddy lol

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