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    951 fuel line, where do they go??

    I have an 01 rx with the 951 engine and theres a tube that goes into the tank (Where the fuel pump would be on a 4 stroke) and theres 4 nipples on top of that. Then on top part of the case towards the back theres 2 nipples one of them is oil i think. I am mixing my own gas so im wondering which one of those do i block off and where they go to the 4 nipples.

    Thank you!!

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    download your service manual - it has exploded views..

    You may even want to download parts and owners manuals

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    Theres 2 nipples on the back underneath the carbs where do those go

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    the nipple in the carb manifolds are for the oil injection.. the nipple coming off the upper case half goes to the fuel pump it is the pulse line.. The nipple coming off the bottom case half has a check valve and goes to the RAVE solenoid

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    Sweet thanks! It all runs well now..

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