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Thread: water in oil

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    water in oil

    hello i just bought 04 rxp. first time i ran the ski on the hose everthing looked fine then i ran the ski on the water. i drove about five min and i pulled the dip stick and i notice my oil is creamy. i put it back on the trail. i'm back home.. what should i do first to see where the water is coming from. please help

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    I had the same creamy look on my engine dipstick yesterday, I found out my exhaust manifold hose was off while riding so I'd check that & all other hoses/clamps, I'd also check the clamp on your drive shaft because that was loose on my ski as well. I'f u can I'd pump all that old oil out, put new oil in x3 and then put new oil in + spark plugs and fire it up. Hope this helps.

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    I pump the oil out and all came out creamy oil. there no water in the haul just the engine

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    blown head gasket bro

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    how can i check before i change to make sure its that

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    question are you running closed loop or open loop? if you are closed loop and watery you should be down on coolant. aka propbaly a blown head gasket

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    my compression is 130 psi on all three cylinders. the ski had sat for a year and it does have a catch can oil. i dont know if that makes a difference or not. Thanks.

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    It has a close loop system and the fluid looks good. The ski has an upgraded intercooler & turbo upgrade,42 injectors, exhuast air intake. could the intercooler have problems?

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    more thank likely the IC is bad bro. Take it off and pressure test it. There are instructions on our site if you search.

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    the inter cooler is a riva thats in the ski. Does riva fix them or do i have to buy another one

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