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    R&D vs. Worx Ride plates

    I just did a back to back test on the Worx and RD plate. I've had both plates for a long time, and switch back and forth depending on where I'm riding, but this is the first time I've done a back to back comparison. Again...this was in smooth water...I prefer the worx for hook-up and handling in the ocean.

    Worx- 65.3 @ 7650 (stock tach)
    R&D- 72.5 @ 7650

    Worx was bolted directly on, no spacers or shims.

    R&D was mounted without the stock spacers and 1 shim on the back. It porpoised pretty bad...I don't remember it doing that before, but then again, I don't remember how I had it shimmed before. It seems like I might have had the stock spacers in there before. Any advice on shimming it is appreciated.

    Before I get blasted, I know the two plates are for totally different purposes, I just wanted to see the speed difference. I'll still use the Worx off-shore...for that, it can't be beat.

    I wish I had my stock one here to test it, too. My guess is it would fall in around 69.5-ish.

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    Wow, thats a huge difference.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Supposedly, you lose about 3 MPH with the Worx, but get way better handling (better hang on tight in a turn because there's no side drift) and better hookup in chop compared to a stock plate. The R&D plate is supposed to give you 2-3 MPH over the stock plate. By those numbers, there should only be about a 6 MPH difference between the 2, but I got 7.2. I'm guessing that once I get the R&D shimmed to stop the bounce, I'll probably lose a little of that.
    These are the first speed runs I've really done. I used to only ride in the ocean, so top speed numbers weren't as important to me as handling. Now that I'm staying about 100 yds from the Colorado river, I figured what the hell, I'll pull out the GPS for some speed runs.

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