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Thread: Sat for 2 years

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    Sat for 2 years

    My 2001 GP1200R sat for 2 years. I did winterize it but am wondering what I should do before getting it out. I know to drain the gas but what else should I do? I just had the carbs rebuilt before it went up. I did have an issue though...It would run fine then just die. Wait a bit and it would start up but never really feel like it was getting all of its power. I was thinking the kill switch? .The engine mods are an IR holeshot kit, freeflow exhaust, dplate w/cat temp,and flame arrestors. Thanks for the help everyone.

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    complete fuel system inspection including carbs to start, then all hoses and wireing, service the oil injection as well.

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    No oil injection it is pre mix now.

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    Was there ANY fuel left in the carbs? If so I'd be tearing them down again to them through an ultrasonic cleaner if you can - they'll likely be full of varnish.

    If the carbs were 100% dry, then I'd get all the old gas out of the tank and refill with fresh..don't add fresh on top of old thinking it will somehow "dillute" the bad fuel - you'll just cause yourself grief.. Remember to flush some of the new fuel through the fuel lines to get old fuel out of the filter, etc.

    Replace battery - chances are it's no good after 2 years unless it was kept on a tender - even if it seems to takes a charge chances are it'll be no more than a surface charge and will fail you on the lake the first time it takes more than a few seconds of cranking to start.

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    Absolutely agree with Oshawa...

    If the carbs were wet, then pull them apart for a rebuild. No brainer whatsoever. Even good gas goes bad after that long, taking the gaskets & such with it... Blow through everything. Make sure there's nothing hiding in the tiny passages. Even then, be easy on it for a half hour. Let the fresh gas and heat of running open everything up...

    And, I've almost never had a battery last longer than 2 years. It may be surf riding, it may be bad luck, but never, ever... A fresh battery is almost certainly a good idea.

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