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    i have tons of water in my hull

    I replaced and inspected all my hoses during the rebuild and on the boat ramp

    During 30 mins of riding I got about 3 inchs of water in my hull .

    I filled up the hull with a garden hose and tipped the trailer back side down. I have really bad leak in between the 2 halfs at the left side where the rail gets riveted in right in the corner coming from the seam.

    almost like the previous owner hit the corner really hard and disrupted the epoxy seal

    So you guys think that could be my problem? No drive shaft or steering cable issues.

    How should a guy fix this issue? drill out the fastners and try to inject rtv silcone in there?

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    I would remove the rail and have a look.

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    well i filled it up with water from the hose , put the trailer on a slant way up in the air to fill the back end up of the ski , my drive shaft seals and steering cable showed no leaking , but around the corner of the bump/rub rail it leaked out almost like a water fall .

    i have a body guy / jetski guy here in town see what he says maybe ill just pull the rub rail find some s/s rivets and inject a light weight epoxy with a syringe in the seem where its coming out at

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