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    slt 750 motor filled with water on garden hose

    I went to start my 94 slt 750 on land...I hooked up a garden hose to the water port on the top of the engine near the back cylinder and all the cylinders filled with water...Is this normal? It didn't happen last year when i did this. Thanks for any help.

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    The engine MUST be running before you start the water flowing, and you must shut off the water before shutting off the engine.

    The cooling system on jetskis is an open loop into the exhaust, so what you've likely done is filled the exhaust and it simply runs into the engine then. The engine running is what pushes the water out of the exhaust and keeps the engine dry.

    You'll want to get the water out and get it running quickly...before the rust sets in.

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    There are multiple well written old threads that describe how to dry out a flooded engine and get it running without damage.

    Search should turn them up.

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    ok thanks

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