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    Do I need a microtouch rev limit '97 spx 787

    I have a '97 SPX 800 w/ k&ns, rejetted stock carbs, ada 43cc heads, Rossier black pipe w/ ecwi waer injection kit, and 85/88 nozzle with xo prop. I also have worx grate, BH sponsons and r&d 3 degree trim wings. So I am pretty much set I think. I think the stock rev limit is 7250. I want to achieve all the peak speed thats possible and don't know if my setup could achieve 7300 rpms or more. Do you think I would benefit with an aftermarket micro touch rev limiter w/ this setup. I was wondering if I would be bouncing off the limiter when the pump comes slightly unhooked. I am just a rec rider and want to stay on 93 pump gas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have one. $125 shipped

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    Bought one already for $30 shipped.


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