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    Ah crap now what?

    Well it was running great in the driveway on water. So this afternoon, packed up the wife and boys and ran to the lake.

    My ski is a 2000 1200 ltd, just finished a complete motor rebuild. On the water i was being carefull breaking it in. Straight lines and big sweeping turns. Made a few runs and stopped for a bit. Fired it back up made more runs. Repeated that process again. Each time out I gradually increased the speed up to about 30 per the speedo.

    On the last run it was going great sounded good. As I slowed down at the no wake zone it just shut off. I had to get towed in.

    The bone head move I did make was the drain plugs got left out, so there was some water inside the hull. It didn't look like that much to cause a problem, but could it of?
    I got it home and it is in the garage, took the spark plugs out and they look great. Shnning a light into the sparkplug hole and the top of the psitons look good.

    Cranked it over without the sparkplugs and everything sounds good. No scraping or metal to metal contact. Oh, and when it did stop in the water As soon as I was at the dock I shot the top of the heads with a temp sensor and all cylinders were within 4 degrees of each other. About a 130-135 range.
    I am running premix at a little over 32:1 probably around a 28:1.

    I was cranking like the battery was dead.

    I guess I will test compression. I will have to find that topic and go try it. What else should I look for?

    What do I do Pull the heads

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    damn sorry to about your troubles. when you turned it over with plugs out did you notice any water in the cylinders? lets see some compression numbers first and then we'll play the guessing game. lol good luck.

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    Yeah, my worry was/is some water got into the intake, but i don't think there was that much water and I didn't see any water inside the cylinders.

    Although new, I am starting to think the battery is bad. Went out to do the compression test, I had the battery on the trickle charger since I have been home. I think it should have beeen recharged.

    Just sitting it shows 12 volts as soon as I hit the start button the battery drops to 7 volts. This doesn't sound normal to me.

    Is it?

    I am used to dirt bikes once started they run fine and you have the kick start to start them if need be. Very few electronic items.

    Do these things need a fully charged battery and functiong generator to run?

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    Does it crank fast with the plugs out? You could have a bad battery, but scuffed/seized pistons can act the same way, just like a battery is bad because of the drag load and it would be slow with plugs out too. One sign of a damaged piston would be uneven cranking with plugs out, kinda loping like. Compression test will tell. 7 volts does sound like a battery though.

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    So, I woke up this morning and Checked the battery. It is NOT taking a charge, so in my mind that is good, because this could be an easy fix.

    It goes back to one of my question. Do these skis need a good battery to run?

    I am thinking the water that was in the hull shorted the battery????? Ruined the battery and then wouldn't run and then wouldn't start?

    Getting a new battery today so I can at least test compression.

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    What was the result? I'd want a compression test for sure, suspected battery issues aside.

    Be careful with that break-in as well...there's a very specific routine you should follow. Most important of all, no WOT for at least two full tanks, and NEVER keep the throttle in one position for more than a few seconds at a time during the first full tank at the very least. Varying the throttle constantly is one of the most important things you can do while seating new rings.

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    Well, I decided to pull the head off before even trying to crank the engine even more, because when I got home the battery was reading a charge.

    Any how, the #2 Cylinder failed. No scarring in the cylinder walls that I can see. I will pull that cylinder to see if I can see what caused the damage. The top of the piston is pitted a bit and the head has some pits. What would cause that? I will post a picture soon.

    I believe I was carefull on the break i. I did as you said. As mentioned, the only bone head move I made was the drain plugs. It doesn't appear to have water in the cylinders, but I will see when I get the cylinder off.

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    What caused you to have to do the rebuild the first time around?

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    Well, this is my first ski. I have been into riding dirt bikes for years and i'm fairly mechanical.

    To answer your question I got a wild hair up my arse and decided to buy it from a guy that had it torn apart. The #3 cylinder failed. I think it was a oil issue. I got it with a trailer for $1,000. The ski other wise is in great shape. So i bought a project.

    I just want something to toot around the lake with the kids. I replaced the crank, and all three cylinder heads and pistons. I went with the SBT sleeved cylinders and pistons. Did a few other things like waveaters.]

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    Here are a couple pics of the #2 Cylinder and heads. What would cause the pitting?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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