Ok i just bought a 1999 seadoo gtx today with a 951 Motor and it seems to be cavitating. Guy had it sitting in his garage sens 2005 he told me as is $300 with trailer only has 79.3 hours on it and he kept stressing the as is so im like ok took compressoin tester had good comperssion. Got it home put battery in it fresh gas BOOM fired right up noticed the jet pump was klanging pretty good so i took it down put it in and took off with it but it was reving like it should but not going ANYWHERE fast eventually it took off like a rocket seemed to vibrate a bit. Got it home and was looking up in the jet and the impeller has a pritty good NIK in it. and it had a bit of water in it to i put some grease in the pto and it pushed the shaft back a bunch. think that might fix my leak? Should i just replace my impeller and service pump oil? Should all this fix my problem??