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    1996 Yamaha Waveblaster 701

    I have got a 96 Yamaha Waveblaster 701 thats experiencing an issue. While riding out in the ocean ski began to run poorly, 5mph full throttle max, almost sounds like its running on one cylinder, ski has recently been serviced carbs rebuilt and temp sensor disconnected (from what I was told). So long story short got back to the shore, replaced spark plugs and I had a good hour run before it started acting up on me just as it did before... Brought it home started ski again to flush and it ran fine (drive is around 40min from the ocean to the house). When I first pulled the ski out of water engine seemed cool or at the very least not burning hot so I dont think its overheating. Any ideas as to what it may be? Thanks for all your help!
    *Forgot to mention its got an oil block off and I am running 40:1 mix.

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    I would check all your electrical connections, especially the ground from the motor to the battery. You might even open your ebox to check the internal connections. There are several ground connections in there. What do you have for plug caps? I've had issues with the NGK caps, the screw on types. If you have that style you should pull them off, cut a small amount off the end of the cable, and re-install them.

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    Well, I finally got a hold of the guy that serviced the ski, and apparently the temp sensor was never disconnected... So my next question than is would it be safe to disconnect the sensor and would I need to do any upgrades to the cooling system to prevent any sort of overheating. I ride mostly in the ocean if that makes any difference. I did not get a chance to take ebox apart to check on any other connection but I would assume that ski acts that way when it thinks its overheating. Thanks for your help tshank!

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    I remove the sensor on all my yamahas. They usually cause more headaches than they're worth, and if you pay attention you'll know when your ski is running too hot. Basically, when the sensor trips, it will throw the ski into "limp mode" which severly limits the rpms. If you're concerned, you can install a filter in line with the incomming water hose. That way if something gets sucked up it will get caught before it enters the motor.

    BTW: You live in Fallbrook? I grew up there. Fallbrook High Graduate 96. Haha.

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