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    Wave Venture 1100 power loss

    Pulled ski out of storage yesterday pulled plugs turned it over to move around fogging oil replaced plugs with new ones started her up. Ran great. Took to water and put it in started up and it ran great, 50+mph and smooth. About an hour of riding later the motor had little different sound and seems to have lost top end power. Not only does 40 with it wide open. I check under and nothing sucked in there so I had a few mile ride home so on the way I noticed that if I kept it at 3/4 throttle it would hit 45or so but open up the throttle any more and it went back down to 40.

    What are these problems indicating?

    When I got home and flushed it off I noticed that quick rev of the motor I could see exhaust exiting somewhere behind motor about where the exhaust coupling is. Never noticed that before. That mean anything?


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    If you have an exhaust leak inside your engine compartment, it will run like crap. Find the source of that leak and fix it.

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    I never worked on these things before. What would cause exhaust to come out there. Is there a coupler that connects exhaust manifold to muffler that can leak?

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    Check out these diagrams. In the first diagram, item 58 is a hose that connects the stinger end of the pipe to the waterbox (muffler).

    In this diagram, you can see the hose connecting to the front of the waterbox. There's another hose coming out of the top of the waterbox that connects to the exhaust outlet.

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    I bet we are on to something, there was no clamp on the hose off manifold and it was almost all the way off. Testing later...

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    Well changed the fuel filter, looked clean anyway. And added a clamp to the exhaust that was missing, runs great. Saw best of 56mph on the water....the power is back.


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    Sweet. Dont be a stranger now.

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