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    Polaris SLTH Carb rebuild

    I am new to this site so please bear with me....I inherited a Polaris SLTH this summer. It had been sitting up for around 3 years...Even though the gas was run out of the system and the fuel turned off it was never drained......I took it to the lake last weekend. Out of the water it ran fine......Once in the water at idle speed or a little throttle it reacted well....After full throttle it would cut in and out and eventually bog down and turn off.......I figured the carbs were dirty...I rebuilt the carbs this weekend.( i have had experience with this, i rebuilt the carbs on my johnson outboard with no problems)....Once everything got assembled back i cannot seem to get the fuel to the carbs.........Spray a little mixed gas in them and fires right up.......I blew back in the return line and get plenty of gas flow at the fuel filter. it just will not continue to feed the engine with fuel.....I paid close attention to how i removed every fuel line but am second guessing that maybe i got something wrong.....Any ideas? Also the pulse line is connected(just not sure if it's right)

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    I would grab/download a manual to check if you hooked up the lines correclty. The Pulse hose should be connected to the fuel pump on the rear carb, the port farthest twards the right side of the ski.

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