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    Question 96 xp timing stamp on motor

    Hey Everyone,
    Been following GreenHulk for quite a while just decided to join for my first question, I'm trying to install a micro touch rev limiter and the timing plate on the motor is missing so I read that their should be a timing mark stamped on the motor. The motor is in the ski but I just can't find it I don't know where to look either so if someone could help me out and tell me where to look would be a lot of help. Or if their is some easier other way to find out would be great to thanks for the help.
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    think it's stamped on cases back by the pto

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    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    think it's stamped on cases back by the pto
    Thanks Chip do you know if its on top or side of motor?? Just trying to narrow it down so I don't get frustrated when I'm trying to find it you know how that gets.

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    I took a look can't see any numbers I bet they stamped it then painted over it I guess I will have to try some other way to find out how it was timed. I going to search the thread for how to time a 787 motor I'm guessing you can use a car timing light??? Then just adjust until it lines up with TDC and see what number I get if anyone else has done this please chime in Thanks.

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