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    Tune Up and Parts for a 2000 Virage

    I am New to the PWC World. I just got this 2000 Virage. Usually, runs great, but last few runs, it has been Sluggish in the top end. with WOT she surges and doesn't hit her top-end. I am assuming it is probably time for Fuel Filter, Water Separator Fileter, Air Filter, Plugs. I broke the Reverse Shift Mechanism (replacement part due on Wednesday). Does anyone know of a GOOD reliable source for Parts for the Polaris Line of PWCs?


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    Parts Sources are listed in my signature links.

    If carburetor engine, you may need to clean and rebuild the carb(s).

    Do not continue riding it until the problem is fixed.

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    How would you recommend I diagnose it? I would rather not rebuild the carb - if it does not need it. And (of course) I don't want to damage the machine?

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    See my signature links.

    Carb rebuild is cheap relative to the potential for engine damage.

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    Having worked on Carbs in the past, it has NEVER been a good experience. I read your PDF How-To sheet. It looks pretty straight forward. This Virage has the Keihin CDK2 Carb. Is there any cleaning that can be done... or anything that can be done without removing the carb? Carburetors scare me.


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    Needle and Seat Replacement? Should I replace that as well? Unfortunately, they come in various sizes... Is there any simple way of determining what size is on this Virage?

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    i've done a lot of keihins without a kit.i'd bet the inlet screen is clogged with goo.wouldn't worry about the needle and seat thing.a good internal cleaning will probably do it

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    REBUILD THE CARB. Your problems are likely fuel system related, and if you don't like rebuilding carbs one would assume you're not likely to enjoy rebuilding engines either.... Which may be your next stop if you keep driving it as is.

    If you haven't already done so, get the old grey Tempo fuel lines out as well and replace with marine grade rubber lines - the temp fuel lines are known problematic and will fill the fuel system and carbs with green gunk corrosion.

    Consider replacing the fuel selector as well. Again, cheap insurance against a lean piston burn down.

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    And now I hate Carbs even more. I replaced the fuel lines. Cleaned the Water Separator... Took apart the carb. Put it all back together.. and she won't start.


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