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    Chips/dents on impeller blade & pump vane surface

    I'm in the middle of fixing a ride plate leak, and am changing the wear ring while I have everything out, and there are some small chips and dents on the edge of the impeller blade. Is this going to be effecting performance at all? They are small, I can post up a picture later but I didn't know if this would be a big deal or not. I'd like to get a new impeller down the road but not yet unless its needed. Would trying to smooth out the edge on a grinder ruin the pitch?

    The pump vanes do not have any dents or chips on them, however I noticed they have a rougher cast kind of finish to them. Has anyone sanded & polished them smooth to get a better flow or would this likely be a waste of tedious time for a small if any gain?

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    leading or trailing edge? Go ahead and put pictures up my impeller was pretty bad on a 2004 gtx and i was still going past 60 until my sc exploded

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