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    i purhased 2 msx 140ho and have two different issues need help bad

    I have been reading up on the forum and here is what have: the red ski was parked with no issues 4 years ago winterized fuel drained etc. I put a new battery some seafoam stabilizer just in case fresh fuel, hooked thh water hose up it fired right up . i ran it for 30 sec to a minute and it seemed fine. took it to the lake it ran pretty good then cleared up. then it would take spells if u throttled it to fast it would miss and bogg lett up on the throttle then hit it again and it would be fine. it got better as the day went on. i am going to test compression and fuel pressure but i am thinking it may be the tps because if u play with throttle it runs fine. it may go 20 minutes and be fine and act up a little. it runs good maxes at 62-64 so i dont suspect compression or fuel pressure. i thought maybe a plug for a minute but i am not sure any thoughts?

    And to ski number 2 my major problem. a local shop not a polaris dealer worked on it they found a cylinder down. they put a piston,pin,new bore seal etc. they blamed it on the injector.when i got the ski it was new missing the injector,no old one so me not knowing at the time found 3 on ebay and bought them. (not knowing they had to be married to the ecm) so i put the injector in it started cranking and had no fuel pressure grounged the brown wire beat on the tank a little and the fuel pump freed up pumping 20 psi on the gauge fired the ski on the hose and it idled fine, ran 30 sec to 1 min,shut it off and to the lake. the ski took off and seemed to run ok for a minute. it would only max at 40mph,laboring. so i ran it a bit hoping it would clear up. Then it started clearing it would go 1 mile and it would shut off like u turned the key off. if u immediatley tried to restart it would not crank like it was fuel locked. u could let it set for 1 minute fire it up and it would go another mile i did this three times and decided to tow it back before i damaged it if i hadnt already. i am goin to do a compression test and fuel test also if this checks out do u think the 1 cylinder not being the proper married injector can cause fuel lock and also can u marry a used injecor and who can there is no local polaris pwc dealer. i seen some links on how to make cables etc but i think a local dealer is the only one. any help will be appreciated

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    Seafoam will not fix old gasoline. Four years is a long time for fuel to age, even if it had stabilizer added when it was fresh. Old fuel can cause problems and risk engine damage.

    Engine locking up sounds like an overheat hot seizure, especially since it will not crank right afterwards.

    The key with these machines is to not keep 'test riding' them, but to first go through and check everything. There are lots of ways things could be not right and running it with potential problems often leads to more expensive failures.

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    i believe seafoam breaks down oil.

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    there were no old gas in it i just added it with the new but i can drain if u think that it will hurt it. I ran the compression test and found the problem the previous owner failed to mention a few details. there was zero compression on the forward cylinder pulled it apartand it had a hole in the side of it toward the wall kitted the cylinder and i would say it was seizing should of checked the stupid first. now when i got it it had the injector from that cylinder missing it was supposed to be rebuilt just needing a cylinder when i tore it down u can tell it has been done for a while. i checked the fuel pressure it is about 23-25 i crimped the line and had very little if any change did not go to 30 like i read, id this okay. i pulled out the volt meter and had 25 volts cranking and fired it before i tore it down and had 44-45 volts running on the injector that thecylinder was down on. so now i am just wondering what happened is the injector prone to cause this failure i do not have it to check it. i purchased 3 used ones from ebay, i just put one in it. i have read about the marry deal with the ecm. How crutial is this i dont have a local shop who can do it and do u have to take the ski. i have a used cylinder coming from ebay,i am going to put a new piston kit in,any recomendations? i also checked the other two cylinders they have 120lbs compression. and do u think when i rebuild it i would be running a big risk using a injector not married, or will it just not perform perfect. Also wht oil is good to use, natrually polaris 2 stroke but is there any other that works good. I appreciate the help

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