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    slight bog, slightly stubborn start

    Maybe I'm just paranoid from reading all of the horror stories on here about grp failures and what not but, I'd rather be safe and a pest than sorry and busted.
    Rode the piss out the 1200r yesterday, just under a full tank of fuel and it ran absolutely perfect all day long with the exception of two times, both of which were when I was on the ski (other ppl rode it as well but didn't report any problems, and they would have). I never have to give it throttle to start, never, but twice yesterday after it sat for a little bit I needed to give it throttle to start but then it fired right up and was fine. Another issue that happened twice, maybe related to the stubborn starting but didn't happen together, was after I hit the go button I would start to give it throttle to pull out and go for a ride but it bogged down on me almost as if it was loading up, then Once i got going a little bit it cleared out and was fine. Now I read somewhere that this could be too much water in the water box from idling and sitting around and the motor was just forcing it out but I dont know if that's a fact or fiction. I also read that it could just be the carbs need going through which is very possible since I haven't touched them since buying the thing and have no clue or way of knowing what the previous owner did with them.
    Am I just paranoid or is something wrong that's going to leave me stranded unless I take action?

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    id lean more toward the carb side, post a pic of the plugs to see if a rich/lean condition exist.

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    I planned on pulling them tonight when i get home to see what I'm working with so standby.

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    common the carbs. are set very lean from the factory. When i rebuild the carbs. i pop out the mixture caps and set the lows 2 turns out and the highs 2 1/4 turn out. and change the stock gold pop up pressure spring to the dull silver one.

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    See that's just it I have absolutely no clue if they have the stock jets or not since the previous owner had the rival stage 2 kit installed. Only way if knowing would be to remove them.
    I didn't get a chance to pull the plugs to see how they look. Hopefully I can tomorrow.

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