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    1999 Ultra 150 question

    I am new to jet skis and wondering if anyone on here can recommend a good mechanic for the ultra 150 in Texas? Any help is greatly appreciated

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    The Ultra-150 has been around for many years, and is not a complex platform - with relation to other 2-Stroke PWC Machines.

    I would look in your local phone book, or do an internet search, or even ask someone in your neighborhood - as most PWC shops can conduct repairs on such machines - especially older machines like the Ultra-150.

    The beauty of this Bulletin Board is the fact that if you can conduct some "simple" basic repairs with your own hand tools that you own, and in your free time, you can read and educate yourself about your ski - like referring to the Kawasaki Service Manual - Reference:

    You can save yourself a bundle of money, obtain a feeling of self-accomplishment, and learn a new hobby all in the process.

    Everyone on this BB (Bulletin Board) is here to help each other - as we all share the same aspirations and the same common interest, and ultimately want to go out on the water and have FUN!!!

    This BB is like having a whole mess of "Technical Consultants" at your fingertips (keyboard).

    PS - the hard part is done already - as you have the ski and the keyboard

    Good Luck with your ski !!!

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    I will take the manuals, how do I pay you?

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    Being that you are new to the sport - the search command located in the upper right of each web-page will allow you to review other members "Posted and Reported" Issues - that you may be experiencing yourself.

    Say that you wish to learn about (example) conducting a Compression Check - not only is it clearly defined how to conduct such test in the Kawasaki Service Manual - yet you can read about other Bulletin Board Members questions - with relation to this topic.

    Hey we all started out as a new owner at one point in time, so don't be afraid to ask a question, as that is exactly why this forum is here!!!

    I sent you a PM.

    Again, welcome and good luck with your ski...


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    Texas is a big state, where are you?

    What kind of trouble are you having?

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