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    1999 seadoo GTI locked up

    I just picked up a 99 GTI to other day. It's very clean and the bolts on the motor have never been removed. Anyways the motors is locked up and before I open it up i just thought there might be somethings to try first. I can move the crane about a 1/4" each way. I have no history got it out of a dealers bone yard. Any ideas

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    pull the pump and starter to eliminate them. pull the head off, they are o ringed, and easily removed. You can then see the top end.

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    she's rusted..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    she's rusted..
    It was killing to not see the cylinder walls so I just pulled the head. The ring were rusted but not to bad and after about an hour and half i got if free. Started with PB blast and when that ran out 5w30. Moved it a little and soaked for about 10 mins. The next question is to ring or not. Will post pics in the daylight

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