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    1998 seadoo GSX limited

    I am looking at a 98 GSX limited. Has 255 hours but 20 on a rebuild engine. 150 & 155 psi in cylinders. Everything works. Took it for a test drive and it runs good. The trim around the ski is a little messed up. He is asking $2800. Is that a fair price? Anything I should look for? Thanks in advance!

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    nada is 1500 / 1800

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    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    nada is 1500 / 1800
    out here $2500-3000 about right
    but i do not think a 951 should have 150psi. that's right for 787 and 717 though.

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    Compression is OK given possible gauge variation. 145 psi is std, I believe. Shaved head, maybe? Does it have flame arrestors? Trim is easy to replace, BTW.

    $2800 does seem high. It'd be sweet if i could get that for one of mine, & they're kinda special!

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    I have two 98 GSX-L that show just under 150psi compression and everything is stock except for R&D flame Arrestor - and would surely sell them for 6k with double trailer..
    The one boat has 200 hrs on it and has had a recent engine rebuild (top and bottom end) and everything works as it should..
    The other boat has 138 hrs on it and has never been apart that I know of and has been issue free, it just does not read the fuel level..

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    i'm asking $2800 for mine on a 2008 shorland'r tralier, i think its a good deal. where you located ??

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    you will need to run premium and jet it fat if it really does have 150+ psi. It should be 130-135.

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    As already mentioned, only problems I've ever had with ours is the drive gear on the trim sticks sometimes and the fuel gauge sending unit/float was repaired by the dealer early on.

    About the price one would fetch here in Ontario. A low hours mint one around here on a trailer might go 3500-3800.

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