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Thread: Water in Oil ?

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    Water in Oil ?

    Hey All,
    After i uncovered and un-winterized the engine i noticed the plugs were pretty fouled .. Changed the plugs charged battery and got it running . notice milky oil ? thought it was condensation from winter . after oil change it is still there...

    Compression is 130-140 across the board
    Compression on anti-freeze side of engine hold pressure
    inter-cooler holds pressure

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    I got milky oil after I un-winterized my ski and ran it on the water for five min. I did a leak down test on my head gasket everything came out ok. then I did a leak down on my intercooler and wouldn't hold air. Took it out and found a crack in the intercooler. Hope this helps. Hope you don't have my luck.

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    There is a seal on the water pump because the shaft also connects to the oil pump in the pto

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