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    96 SLX 780 pump or wear ring problems????????????????

    I took my ski out this weekend. It ran fine for awhile. I was @wot and it seemed like the drive shaft came lose. I stopped looked at it and it looked fine. So I tried to take off and it seemed like it was just free reving and was shaking. It would move at an idle and move slow at about 3k rpms. I'm not sure if its the pump or the wear ring or all of the above.

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    Might be your coupler that connects the driveshaft to the engine, dont think it is the wear ring, also you might have sucked something up and destroyed the impeller, need to pulled it out and look at it.

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    The coupler would make since because it would be fine then drop out. Then come back in. I think if it was the Impeller it would have done it and not got better. I have a 96 SLTX 1050. Would the coupler from that work on this ski? Im just going to part that ski out anyway. It has a bad stator.

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    You prob sucked up a piece of debris in the pump. Look to see if anything is lodged between the impeller and the wear ring.

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