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    Question 08 TX, No beeps, Gauges fade !!!

    Hi guys! 1st of all just want to say this is a great forum.I've been doing a lot of reading and searching trying to a solution to the problem i have my 08 RXT-X. After riding last week i got home and flushed out the ski. while flushing out my ski it stalled and would not start again, it was only running for a matter of seconds. I tried to start the ski again but got nothing, not clicks beeps or anything. i reinserted the lanyard and did not get any beeps at all. i checked the gauges, they fire up with the self test but slowly fade away with only the battery light illuminated. i charged up the battery it is showing 12.8v on the meter, i have checked the main relay and 30amp fuses,and diode. i have also checked the DESS post all seem to be in good working order. i think this a power problem but i dont know what else to check. Has anyone else came across this before ?? thanks

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    You may want to take a voltage meter to verify the power is getting to the box.
    Some times the main positive wire goes bad or has a bad connection to the battery.
    The main positive wire coming from the battery also has two extra smaller wires that feed power to the fuse box.
    Give the two extra wires a tug to see if they may have broken loose inside the rubber housing attaching to the starter relay....

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