I just received my new 2011 Yamaha FZS waverunner and put 6 hours on the clock. I am waiting for my performance power parts to arrive to upgrade my machine to Riva stage one with a stock blow off valve kit and replacing my water box to the pro series water box (RY16041). What would my total HP be with all the upgrade mods? Will the pro series water box change the sound of my machine, would it actually give me additional torque just with Riva stage one? Which other simple upgrades can i do to deliver a smoother ride and bottom end acceleration? Any advise will be helpful and appreciated. Thanks

Riva Stage one ( Performance power filter kit, Intake manifold upgrade kit, free flow exhaust kit, pump seal kit, stainless steel intake grate, Pro-series dynafly impeller, performance ride plate), Pro series water box, blow off valve kit.