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    new stator,cdi,and coil. now the display says over charge, and won't shut off.

    I put the new stator,cdi, and coil on my 99 slth 700 red engine.
    The display says (over) for over charge I would imagine. And it does not want to shut off by pulling the lanyard off. I must have a wire in the wrong place. The coil wires were straight forward black with white chaser, two of those. It also said disconect the small ground wire from the battery, so I disconected that in the box from two places and taped. I think the rest were just match up the colored wires. But one is wrong any idea which one could be wrong?

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    One other thing I also did the warm start issue, by putting the orange jumper wire on.

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    is the bracket the ground for the new coil? The old bracket would have to be modified to work. Without it the coil kinda just sits there not really held down. Otherwise the coil only has the two black wires with white chasers. I read that one guy said he put a ground from the coil mount to the terminal board and that cured it.

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    The bracket does need to be bent a bit to hold the coil. I changed the existing bent from 90 degrees to 45 and then added an additonal 45 degree bent about 3/8" from the tip. Works well. As for ground, all your ground connections should be made at the same bolt that holds the coil. No, the bracket does not ground the coil. There is no dedicated ground, just the two blk/white wires.

    Go thru the wirirng becuse there is def somthing amiss.

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    Had one wire connected wrong. I had a black with yellow on the tan spade. So rehooked that and added the ground wire from the coil mount to the black spade on the board. It starts and idles but won't rev past just over 3000 rpms. What should I look for now.

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    What is the timing spec for the 2000 gen III. I think I will check the timing tonight. As you have to remove the flywheel cover to adjust the magnet for the timing, So this looks like a job best done out of water. So I'm guessing set the timing gun up take a reading and take it apart and adjust the magnet then assemble and recheck. Does this sound like a plan?

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    I just had the same problem. Adjust the timing all the way counterclockwise so that the adjustment screws are to the far right of the slots. Then you will be very close to 18 degrees of timing. Mine was almost all the way to the left when I started and this measured 0 degrees of timing when I switched to the updated kit. Like you, ski would only climb to 3500'ish RPM. All is well now. Good luck. It is worth the effort.


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