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    2006 seadoo gtx supercharged taking on water

    My 2006 seadoo is taking on water while running. I filled the hull with water, and it has no leaks. I ran it with the hose and found no leaks. What can I try next??

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    Carbon seal could be bad

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    How would I check that? Where's it located? What else should I check?

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    Take it to the water ride it with no seat. Look for some broken water hose.

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    That's just asking to fall off that Is there any other way? I will if I have to. I rode it about 5 hours and had about 4 or 5 inches of water.

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    You can run it on the trailer, leave it out first with the seat off, let it get completely dry, you may be able to see if it gets wet around the carbon ring... If you're sure you filled it past the carbon ring and nothing, that would be something when it is running, however your bailers should have siphoned the water out.. Possibly your bailers are not working...

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    Help me out here, I'm not a mechanic. Where can I find the bailers and carbon seal

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    is the water in the hull hot or cold?

    Hot water means you have a leak in your plumbing

    Cold water means a hull leak

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    Bailers are the clear plastic tubes that have a L bend in them.
    They should b attached to something in the top part of the hull towards the rear of the ski.

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    The water was hot. So should I go to the ramp and let it run?

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