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    2000 Yamaha Gp1200rI

    Hey Guys,

    I am new to the forum and new to skis. I have been a Yamaha guy for a very long time. Riding mostly Yamaha R1 and going to the track quite often. I bought the 2 skis with 180 hours with trailer for 3300.00 i thought that was a good deal and wanted something for the family so i jumped on the deal. When i arrived to pick them up and inspecting them I coudlnt see anything wrong with them. They started right away and had no lights on. I didn't see any leaks when I inspected the engine and seller claimed he just had service done and they are in good condition. I took em out to the river the first one died right away although it started the day before. It looks like battery is really weak because it would try to turn over and then stop. Similar to the motorcycle.

    THe 2nd one was fine on the water and had some fun for 2 hours. I already bought a new battery did not install yet it has been raining here constantly.

    I also started searching alot on this forum because I am not familiar with Jet Skis at all and the only reason I bought them was to spend more time with wife and my son. I go to the track with my R1 to have fun .

    I have also downloaded service manual and owner's manual and started reading. I wonder now if I should take it to a shop that I was referred to for an inspection/service if needed or should I learn and do it myself? When I trailerd them home i noticed the gas was on the position "on". I immediatly turned it to the OFF position per manual until i go on the water next time.

    When I took out it for the first time the 1 skis the was running fine I came home and turned it on running flushed it with fresh water for about 8 minutes., cleaned them both and stored in the garage. I do need to go and pick up some degreaser for the engine so it stays fresh. Anyway this seems like a great forum. Hope to meet some of you.

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    Battery being weak enough to keep it from running is unusual. Check the plugs for aluminum.

    Batteries suck for PWCs, but they seem to keep running once they start...Best test is will it start it 10 times in 10 minutes. If not, just replace it. Don't be generous. The first try shouldn't last more than 30 seconds...

    Carbs suck. 2 carbs working on a 1200 can feel OK, while the 3rd is eating it's own a**hole apart...

    Keep an eye on the plugs...

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    Thank you sir, i will check the plugs today and see what's in there. I just think the battery was weak it felt like that. It would turn for few seconds and then barely turn like a car type dying when battery is bad.

    I am hoping i dont have any major issues with this machine

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