R5WaterXRacing is pleased to announce our newest 2012 Sponsors!

R5WaterXRacing has partnered with IJSBA in a pooled sponsorship package towards the decrease in insurance costs.

The pooled sponsorship package includes Hydro Turf, Blowsion and Monster Energy!! This is a very great oppurtunity that The IJSBA and Scott Frazier has helped us out with for regional racing. Scott has worked very hard ...to help R5WaterXRacing reduce the costs of what it takes to put together a race and in turn it has allowed us to reduce a few entry fees as you have seen for this year.

We look forward to a continuing partnership with The IJSBA, Blowsion & Hydro-Turf for many years to come and are very thankful for their support.

Please visit their websites today:

Thank you,
R5WaterXRacing, LLC