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    I want to give my experiences to other newbies and my results

    I just bought a 1998 Polaris slth 700 cc and figured that if it started up I was good. It starts up no problem. Then when I went and put it in the water it suddenly loss spark in the front cylinder. I test for compression. It had 125 psi in both cylinders. Well I replaced the ignition system with the update kit (stator, cdi, coil and spark plug wires) clean the fuel and oil tanks, added new oil and gas. Also installed new spark plugs. I return to the water to try out it. But it bog down for about 5 to 8 min. it only reached up to 8 - 10 mph at WOT then it take off, then after that it can reach speed of 32 - 35 mph until I release the gas or I make a sharp turn. Then the speed reduces back to 15 - 20 mph. I decided to return to the drawing board again, remove the carb and clean it. Return back to the water with the same problem.
    So I started to check the impeller for any sign of damage and gap. It was way over spec. I decided to change the impeller. I also rebuilt the carbs again by taking care for the correct inlet needle in the arm .060 below the casting spec. Then I return to the water with the worst results. Now this time it really bogs down.
    As I did not give up very easily cause I am very persistent trying to follow other suggestions I read in the forum.
    I continue looking for the causes of this problem. I check the engine timing and reed valve and found out that the timming was off and reed valve were damages. So I advance the engine timming and I changed the reed valves. I tried it yesterday in the water and I was surprised the way It ran. For the first time the tach get more than 6500 rpm. It ran smooth. I cannot be more pleased with the results.
    I hope my experience will help other newbies. I realized they were not just a problem with the Jet Ski but a combination of small problems together by looking as a single problem.

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    Thanks for the summary.

    It is OFTEN the case that there are multiple problems. Glad you worked through them

    And often enough there will also be one or more will-be-a-problem-soon-if-I-don't-inspect/maintain/fix-it.

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