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    Another Oil Question please help !!!!

    I have a 2007 F-12x it has 20hrs and I am doing my 1st oil & filter change. I extracted oil from both spots on the motor I extracted 5.5L approximately 5.8 quarts. I replaced with 4.5 quarts but still was 1/2 quart low I add 1/2 quart and its was showing a little high. Any explanation why it came with 5.8 quarts from factory ?? Should I leave it with the 5 quarts ?? Any input will be appreciated

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    4.5 quarts is plenty. Many pump out much more out than was put in due to fuel dilution of the oil. I many times get .5 to 1 extra quart back out.

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    Only put in 4.5 or even 4Qts. The fuel dilution is why there was more than factory. JR knows what he is doing.....Trust him

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    Thanks guys I went ahead and pumped out the extra 1/2 quart of oil and now the oil level is right below the top line on the dipstick
    Thanks again for the replies !!!!

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