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    Slow out of the Hole, Sucked up a small rock

    Sucked up a small rock at the lake, it came out right away. looked at the prop and it looks ok from both sides, but the ski is slow to get going, seems like it cavitates ?? What should I check next ??? Bent prop ??

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    How's the spacing around the impeller look? I'm assuming you have a 2000 GPR?

    You might want to consider replacing the impeller and wear ring if it hasn't been done before.

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    The space looks uniform all around ?? Im guessing the trailing edge is slightly bent ??
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I just fixed mine from a REAL slow out of the hole condition. it would crawl out and then eventually get up to highway speed after a minute or a bit more. Turned out to be a clogged pulse line. But of course now that I found that flaw...everyone's problem sounds like the same as mine so take that for what it is worth.

    Question: When you put it on a hose to flush (if you flush) and hit the throttle, do the RPMs run away on you? Same condition might present itself when on a trailer or lift and you start it up to blow the water out of the exhaust. If not...I doubt your problem is my problem

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    seems ok when flushed, idles fine rpms climb and act normal when on a hose. this started when I sucked up the rock, (even if it looks unharmed) what is a clogged pulse line, not sure what you are talking about.

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    OK I found out what a pluse line is, dont think its that, It seems like the impeller does not catch the water(dig in) and cavitates out of the hole.

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    Pump seal could be blown (coinsidentally with the rock). You would have to take the pump apart and re-seal it. If you havent also fill the voids in the pump. There are many how toos on this.

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    Thankx, Ill do it Thankx

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