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    Woodruff key and Shaft Seals

    Can anyone recomend a source to get the Mag woodruff key and the two output shaft seals for a 2001 Virage (Twin). I have been chasing a spark issue and after checking CDI and LR505 with known good from sister I assumed it was a stator issue. The stator checked out fine with VOM so decided to change it with known good as well. After pulling the flywheel I noticed the key was sheared. Want to make sure its replaced with the hardened key. I found parts at an online supplier but struggle with the 2 weeks shipping time and 16$ to ship a woodruff key. Im sure some local supply like Grainger should have but not certain on the size.

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    Find a local Polaris dealer and get all of it from them. The OEM seals are the best ones anyways.

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