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    My first PWC project... Help a newb out... Project thread.

    Hey Everyone!
    I searched the interwebs and like this forum so I thought I would plant some roots with my new toy here!

    Been looking for a big motor ski project for a while. scored a 96 Waveraider 1100 super cheap because it has been in storage for 4 years and guy wants it gone. had intermittent starter conductivity issues right before it was put in storage..

    Got a battery this morning, but when connected, sled has no juice. No display, nothing happens when switches are pushed... just dead as dead can be.
    Anyone want to help me get this project underway? I downloaded a shop manual, but I feel a little lost reading the electrical section.

    The goal is to get this thing running reliably, then doing a little modding to it. Leaning towards a chopper style look with a graphics wrap, sissy bar, apehangers, custom seat, and a big HID motorcycle light up front. We are in Powell late august and want to do a biker theme trip... thought this would be the icing on the cake. Thanks for any help!Click image for larger version. 

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    make sure you have a fuse and its not blown, also check over the wiring make sure everything is connected properly, usually you can easily trace to see where things go..but you have manual so that makes it even easier

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    Starter relay...

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    Hey all!
    Jumped the relay and it turns over (glad it's not seized!). I checked the start switch and kill switch... continuity present. power from relay to rectifier is solid, green wires on rectifier showing less than .02 volts so looks like I found my problem. Yamaha store opens in one hour! This should make sense on the whole no power to the display or beeps with kill switch circuit closed right?

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    Continuity across the kill switch kills the motor. It should be open when the lanyard is plugged in.

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    new rectifier and she turns over! Going to clean the carbs and get her ready for the first run on the water in 4 years! Dash says 176 hours.

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    Very nice looking ski. Man I hope you didn't pay as much as I did for mine when you say cheap, cause yours surely is VERY NICE! I've got $600 invested into (2) 1988 Waverunner 500's (non-runners) with a nice double trailer, plus a nice single trailer. Both of which are galvanized. I wouldn't mind trading up to a pair like your model.

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