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    2002 XLT 1200 Missing

    I have a 2002 XLT 1200 and it is acting like it's running on 2 cylinders every once in a while. Here's what it does. Runs strong for say 1/4 mile. Then acts up. Runs only around 45 - 48 mph. Runs good but power is down. Then all of a sudden runs fine again. This will do this all day long. Last time had it out ran like shit on the way home. Got it on the trailer and pulled plugs, all look good. Power valves are moving on start up. Carbs were cleaned last year. It doesn't feel like a fuel issue. Can the coils get hot and not fire? Fun thing is that it will do it intermittently. Runs strong when it does run good. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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    make sure all your exhaust hoses are hooked up & tight. If it doesnt pump water throught the motor correctly it will cause vacuum & heat issues. Ask me how i know

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    A child of five would understand this. Go get one. pierowman's Avatar
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    What do you mean carbs were cleaned?


    1) compression check
    2) clean power valves
    3) rebuild carbs

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