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    01 slh fuel diagram

    i replaced fuel lines on 01 slh 700 single carb but i wont start i think i might of
    switched the fuel line on the carb which one is pulse line, feed line and return. i put an inline fuel filter on the feed line and dont see any fuel
    flowing in it i also primed the fuel and water seperator.

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    Valve on?

    Checked the lines for vac leaks?

    Fuel lines may be switched on the sender.

    Fuel should come from the tank, to the sperator, to the valve, to the carb input (port on the rear most carb, the one pointing to the right side of the ski)

    Return line should hook to the front most carb. (largest nipple of all of the ports)

    Pulse line hooks to the second port on the rear carb. (It points twards the rear of the ski, closest the right hand wall.

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    upper most brass fitting is the return.lowest brass fitting is the inlet.aluminum fitting pointing towards rear of ski is the pulse.these are all the carb connections

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