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    porting stock head gp1200r?

    who does this and how much does it cost to do? also what are the performance gains on doing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islandrida92 View Post
    who does this and how much does it cost to do? also what are the performance gains on doing it
    The head is 'milling' for higher compression, great mod to do.
    The cylinders are 'porting' for real big power gains.
    Just to clerify

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    Milling the head makes you run high octane only correct? Heard miminal power gains unless other motor work is done. Also heard it shortens motor life, any of this true?

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    Milled head gives higher compression and requires higher octane fuel. Higher compression will give you more power across the rpm range but you'll feel more down low. It'll feel snappier/better holeshot. You'll see little to no top MPH gains with a milled head only.

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    I have milled OEM heads for the 1200 skis as well as 1300 skis. contact me for pricing and core exchange info, my info is in my signature under carb services.
    And to answer the other question yes a higher compression head requires minimum 91 octane gas. The benefits are the bottom end power and added acceleration.

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