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    VXR Riva SS intake Grate installation Questions

    Iím installing a RIVA SS Intake grate on 2012 VXR. Iím a Newbie at mods so bear with meÖ

    1. Can I use Great Stuff ( to fill the voids in the intake grate? Or any other ideas? It seems like $80 for pump seal kit is unnecessary. Am I missing something?
    2. Plan on using 3M 4200 for sealing the grate. Iíve heard that using the 3M 5200 will make getting the grate off a pain in ass..
    3. Plan on using Loctite 592 ( for sealing the bolts.

    Any advice on the above appreciated.

    Gateway Tone

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    I would guess the great stuff would not be able to handle the vibrations and pressure it will be under and break apart but Im no expert.

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    You just spent how much for the ski and grate? Don't skimp out just get the pump seal kit.

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    i use great stuff. i bought the pump seal kit for the useless pro 2 and for the ss grate i used great stuff. i still have the transom plugs in. whats the worst that is gonna happen it comes off in miniscule peices? it can't get to the impeller area. buy atleast 1 plug and seal kit. depending on what grate you are going to use the most. this way you get the transome/pump plug........... just my .02 let me be clearer on this--- i used great stuff in the grate voids in rear of grate , cleaned them, applied great stuff let it dry for 2 days then trimmed accordingly then installed grate. i did not install grate and fill holes with great stuff like fixing a hole in a part of your house......

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    I'd avoid great stuff. Water will eventually penetrate it and never fully dry out. I filled the voids in my TBM intake (no plug kit available) with marine epoxy. Down side is that it took about $20 in epoxy and I had to pour in layers, over several days, so the epoxy could cure properly. Seems like several people mentioned another type of marine resin that was good for fill the voids - Sikaflex (sp?) or something like that?

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    Pure Silicone works it in layers so it cures right....$80 for a few pieces of rubber ..............out of all the skis Ive owned, I bought one seal kit....

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