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    2001 and 2000 1200gpr wont go over 5000 rpm on water. Seems bogged down


    I am new on the forum and glad to be here. I just picked up a 2000 and 2001gpr and went to run today. Wi start right up and hit fill rpm on trailer but under load on water wont go over 5000 rpm and seem. Ogged dow . Carbs and plugs are good. Could be a sensor maybe? I am new to the pwc world so i could use advice on where to start. The 2000 will pull hard when cool for about 10-15 sec then drops to 5000 rpm the rest of the time, the 2001 never gets above 5k. Thanks in advance for your help. Previous owner claims they ran strong 3 weeks ago

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    Had a similar problem with mine. Checked the carbs which seemed fine. Pulled the engine only to discover that i was missing half a piston and another one was gouged on both sides rebuilding it now with an SBT complete top end exchange kit.

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