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    Wave raider 1100 performance & handling "Tips"

    Need people opinions I have a WR1100 and a GP1200r.The 1100 runs perfect far as throttle is crisp and power is there, but my gp1200r is way faster then the 1100.Is there any easy mods to get the 1100 to keep up a little better..Shouldn't be that big of a gap between them...GPS my GPR @ 63mph the 1100 is prob. around 52mph...dont wont to mod the motor because it runs and feel great but does a solas imp. or ride plate/grate make that big of a diff. in speed or do you think the hull has to much drag because it does ride like a bull.Some help with upgrades and manf. name and results would really help some of us wave raider owners...or should i just buy a wave venture or gp1200 98-older think the motor works in those to...Thanks

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    1100 Raiders respond well to changing to premix, and cutting the head for more compression, they could run on kerosene I think. A impeller change and the above would make it a different boat.

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