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    slx 1200 acc. pump

    I have an 01 slx that I've had issues with since I've owned it its never idled or started without chocking even at operating temp. After rebuilding all three carbs and going through the entire fuel system the ski now starts and idles perfect but will not accelerate hard unless its half chocked. I replaced the accelerator pump and made sure the check valve was working I also checked the vacuum tubes coming from the crank cases everything checks out. Im not getting any fuel out of the Acc. pump outlet still and I believe thats why it bogs and won't get on plane without the half choke. The motor only has 60 hours or so on it. I also put the factory polaris cool head on it with the 10.75:1 domes with new o-rings if that has anything to do with it but its always done this with the stock head too. Im lost at this point

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    It seems there're more issues than just accelerator pump, because if the acc pump is not working you don't have good hole shot but still have good acceleration without using choke.
    There's check valve in acc pump and there're also ball check valves at spray nozzles as well. Did you verify them for not being stuck? Also was acc. pump primed?

    Since all carbs have been rebuilt, beside the pump other issues may be in your carb settings, new replacement parts or just some thing that got overlooked. I once pulled hair too on hole shot issue, gave up then went at it again with fresh focus and found out how sloppy my work was; the pulse line was not secured LOL

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    does anyone know where I could get the check ball those goes at the spary nozzle. my virage has the spring but the ball must be gone, would it come in a rebuild kit?

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    i've got the check balls and whole assemblies as well,which nozzle is it?end or middle?

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    as I understand there is a check valve/ball of some sort that is at the top of the carb where the 2 brass pieces push together. one end extends in to the carb for accelerator pump discharge (squirter). the other end hooks to the hose from the accelerator pump. My intel suggest there is a check ball or valve of some sort in the fitting/squirter. when I took it apart there was a spring but no ball or valve of any type. I was hoping to get a new one but I would be happy to get a used one.

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    yep suppose to be a steel check ball in there.which brass squirter is it??the carb in the middle or the ones on the end?

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    Mine only has one carb. 02 Virage

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    sorry thought you were the original poster,your's would have an end style,all brass with a 90 end

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