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    Line bore crank?

    Hi guys. Im new on here and already have a problem. My motor ate the stock ceramic supercharger washers. My cases have groves in the crank and balace shaft area. I can get the cranked worked on but I can't find anyone to line bore the block. If you know anyone that is capable of this let me know. Also if anyone has a good case/crank I would defanitly be intrested. Thanks

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    Were the grooves just in the bearings? Do you have any pictures?

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    No there is groves in the case also.

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    You can't get oversize bearings for the 4tecs so boring it would be fairly pointless?

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    I have a crank if you need one. It's in Australia though, but can ship it.

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    They do make oversize main and rod bearings .5 mm.
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