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    piston wash help

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The first one is from the pto then to the middle and mag. they are smooth on the tops.

    I found two head bolts loose when i took it apart.
    now do i reuse the head gaskets or do i buy new?

    I went to do a compression test and my tester is broken. So im going to have to wait on that till i get back in the states.

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    First pic on left, slightly lean. Turn high speed screw OUT about 1/4 turn

    Second pic, extremely rich. Turn high speed screw IN about 1/4 turn. Maybe a little more after your new pattern develops and you check it again.

    Last pic, rich. Turn high speed screrw IN about 1/8 turn.

    That'll leave you a really good wash pattern for recreational riding.

    You should use new gaskets, but most of us have re-used them with a little Permatex Copper Spray gasket sealer.

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    Your PTO wash is perfect to me. But if you're someone that does long extended WOT then I would say go for wash between your PTO and MAG.
    If there's no damage on head gasket, I would spray them with 'copper gasket spray' and reuse them.

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    ok i will do it when i get back.

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    I re used a gasket and two of them leaked, just saying, I dont trust it.

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