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    I just picked up an mxs 150, it runs for a few minutes then goes from over 6000 rpms to 3500, 2500, then idle only.
    The red light is flshing on the dash at this time.
    Any ideas. nobody wants to work on these things

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    Start reading. Lots of things to learn about the Weber engine.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    The MSX 150 (and 110) are unique in the Polaris lineup. They both are the only 4 strokes and the only ones with the Weber twin cylinder 750 turbo engine.
    Along with K447's signature link to pages of good info... the MSX/Matrix section of these forums have lots of good threads with good info.

    Are you running this ski on the trailer, out of the water? You should always engage the reverse lever whenever you start the ski out of water. Putting it in reverse will limit the RPMs to 3400 as it does when it's in the water too. These engines have a known tendency to rev real high when out of the water with no load on them. I've heard they usually settle back down as you described, but I don't recall whether the red light usually flashes when this happens.

    Are you seeing the check engine indicator or any other indicators on the display?

    Side note... be sure you have your oil level at the MIN mark on the dipstick with a warm engine. These engines have serious issues with too much oil (dipstick and owners manual are wrong... MAX mark is too high) and that oil getting ingested back into the intake of the turbo and intake of the engine. Bad news and big headaches.


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