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    GTX SC quit while riding, and the shop replaced the impeller?

    OK so memorial day weekend we were riding and I was about to turn abround and the ski kinda stalled on me. I waited a bit cranked it up and started heading back. It then wouldnt get over 43-45 mph, so I figured the SC went out again in which I just had rebuilt 10 hours ago and 1 year to the day almost. I go back, drop it, and tell them what happened. They call 3 weeks later and say the SC was fine, the inner cooler was fine, but the wear ring and impeller was in bad shape. I know what it feels like when a wear ring is bad and this wasnt it. So I go pick it up crank it and tell the owner I still cant hear the SC. The mechanic comes out and reasures me that its fine. this was Tuesday, Thursday I took it out to test it before I go to the beach for a week. I get past the no wake and nail it. NOTHING, I trailer it up get on the phone, and tell them Im comeing back. The mechanic comes out and takes of a hose,i didnt see which hose I was cranking it for him. As soon as it ran 2 sec he said turn it off its not making boost!

    So how is it Im smart enough to know I cant hear the SC running buit yet Im told its something else, and Im charged for something that didnt even fix the problem and I have to waste over half a tank in riding around in a jacked up F150 towing these things around to test them? When all the they had to do was listen to what I said was wrong with it?

    What do you guys think it might be and where should I go from here? I was told initially I wouldnt be double charged if it was the SC since it was just rebuilt!

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    i would find another place to take your ski. or if your mechanically inclined start doing the fixes yourself. then atleast you will know what was done and that it was done right. lots of help around here and lots of good guys willing to lend a hand near by. good luck with your repair.

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    I'm mechanically inclined but time deficient. This is the last time they will
    see the ski. They should make it right for a reasonable price if not free.

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