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    '99 Kawa 1100 STX fuel vent

    I can ride my ski for hours but every so often she bogs down (seems fuel releated) and stalls. but starts back up. then will bog down again. If I let it sit it for a while it will run fine for hours again.

    If my fuel vent gets stuck, can I diagnoise the issue by removeing the fuel cap? I did and the problem persists.

    thanks in advance.

    wax man

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    I would think that removing the fuel cap would solve the problem temporarily.

    Could be a problem with the fuel filter, pickup (try running on Reserve and see what happens), pulse hose for the pump, carbs, water in the fuel (check the gas cap for cracks), or you might have an exhaust leak that's filling the hull with fumes.

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    Not saying this is your problem but I'm guessing the fuel tank is full of old gas varnish, dirt ,or other debris. It settles on the bottom of the tank when it sits for a while. When you get out riding it gets suspended in the fuel and sucks to the fine mesh screen on your fuel pick ups[both reserve and normal have very fine screens on them] fuel system runs out and ski bogs or dies. As it sits overnight all this debris settles to the bottom of the tank Presto, it starts right off the next morning and runs fine for a while until the cycle repeats itself. A real common problem in ski's that have sat for a long time.

    Start here...Pull the fuel pick up out of the tank, inspect for rust, varnish ,or other debris. The screens will pull gently off the pickup tubes- one regular and one reserve- check for varnish or crud plugging them up. Clean them very well, In my shop we throw them in a sonic cleaner, regular carb cleaner will work as well. If you have an inspection camera, look in the tank...I'm guessing you will see a fine mixture of silt,varnish, or dirt in the bottom. Ideally pull out the tank and clean it. At the bare minimum find some way to get as much crud out as possible

    One of the biggest amateur mechanic gaffs I see is where the tell me they have changed the see thru filter in the hull. This filter should never plug up as the screens in the tank are much finer. The only way for debris to get into the see thru filter is for the pick up screens in the tank to fall off. so when people tell me that their fuel system is clean because they changed the fuel filter, I take it with a grain of salt.

    Hope this solves your problem....Steve

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