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    Need help - sucked up steel wool

    SO my own fault, when i winterized last season i put steel wool into the intake to keep mice out since i store it outside....well didn't pull it all this year and sucked it in...

    I have pulled the pump and cleared all i can see, have also took the wear ring off and pulled everything i can see around the impeller.....however i can still see some small strands behind the impeller, which makes me wonder if there is lots wrapped behind the impeller...

    question is do i need to pull the impeller (which i dont have the tool for) or would there not be much in behind there and will it just rust and break off? I know there is a bearing at the back of the this the only one....just concerned the wool might wrap in a bearing or something.

    Also noted stator housing is damaged...some chips in the fins and such...what will this do? do i need to buy another one? any help would be great..not looking for high performance just touring around the cottage.

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    Overtons sells the Polaris impeller removal tool for $10

    Steel wool? I would be concerned about damage to the impeller shaft seals which are right behind the impeller.

    If it was me I would be removing the impeller and inspecting the seal. In fact, given that it would be hard to see fine cuts in the thin sealing lips I would just replace those seals anyways. Seals are cheap.

    Once water gets past those seals the stator bearings will rust and fail, just a matter of time.

    When you have the impeller removal tool a complete stator rebuild with all new seals, bearings and o-rings does not take very long and is not hard to do.

    A kit with all the bits is probably under $50, or you can source the parts locally from a bearing and seal supply shop.

    Stator vane damage? Depending on how bad it is you may just need to smooth the rough edges down with a metal file.

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    where would you get the kit from? anywhere to get the tool in canada?

    ok so dealer can get me the seals 28 a piece and i would need two....the bearings should be fine so would you guys think just pulling the impeller and replacing the seals?

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